What are our main differences compared to the equipment of other companies?

About our Ultrasonic Cleaner Machines

In AIXTECNO we are highly committed to sustainability and the environment, our R & D department has achieved great efficiency in each ultrasonic cleaner machine we manufacture and market, to achieve the least possible impact on the ecosystem while maintaining each ultrasonic cleaner to its maximum efficiency in the final cleaning. Therefore, the energy efficiency in each of our equipment is at levels close to 95%.

We are currently the best option in the market.


In each ultrasonic cleaner manufactured by us, a 100% penetration into complicated gaps and holes is guaranteed.

Total ultrasonic cleaning.


Our R & D department has achieved an ideal relationship in the use of energy. We are leaders in Technology thanks to our efforts for Innovation and Development.


About each process in each of our equipment, we perform an exhaustive analysis in order to optimize and maximize the results in the shortest time possible.

Before and after with ultrasonic cleaning

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Advantages of an Ultrasonic Cleaner?


An ultrasonic washing machine provides perfect finishes, the materials look new, and there is no risk of damage to any element of it.


The company saves not only money in other washing processes, or in technical personnel, but also in something as essential as time.


Each ultrasonic cleaner machine manufactured and marketed by us offers energy levels of 95%. We are sustainable.


Each ultrasonic cleaner marketed by AIXTECNO is automated, improving the overall productivity of the company.

Why AIXTECNO for ultrasonic cleaning?

The main need when choosing a company for the purchase of industrial ultrasonic cleaning equipment is without a doubt the profitability that they offer.

Many companies market machines manufactured in Asia with containers known as GASTRONORM, with low cost but also with a quality in the manufacture of the sheet that translates into a short life for the equipment due to the erosion caused by ultrasound.

In addition, the configuration of these “low” equipment (with a single generator per transducer and without any frequency sweep) causes the cleaning not to be uniform in the ultrasonic tank, so the final result is also affected.

Our industrial machines are manufactured in Spain, with pioneering technology that provides both good performance and robustness in the equipment.