Clean EGR Valve with Ultrasound Machines

An ultrasonic cleaning machine is a sealed chamber in which chemical liquids are introduced that are influenced by sound waves, these liquids subject to movement and vibration penetrate strongly in the pieces that are full of grease, char or dirt. Ultrasonic cleaning machines are the new technology for the maintenance of automotive parts such as EGR valve.

The EGR are valves that are responsible for controlling the amount of nitrogen oxide (NOx) that is expelled by a vehicle that uses diesel, recently have also begun to use in gasoline vehicles.

Vehicle engines pollute the environment in a surprising way; that is why, in the United States since the 1960s and Europe since the 1990s, exhaust gas recirculation systems have been installed in the vehicles, such as those already mentioned as EGR valves. The EGR valve, usually located between the intake manifold and the exhaust manifold, has a membrane that retains waste gases in the form of a char; this accumulation of carbon affects the operation causing it to stop performing its task, this in turn causes the valve to overheat, action that can generate terrible inconveniences for this and other parts of the car.

To avoid the decomposition of our vehicle by the accumulation of char in the EGR we can replace it with another, or simply clean it; Due to the cost of automotive parts, the best option is to clean the EGR valve. As it is well known the use of water for a cleaning of the EGR valve is completely useless, so specific chemicals and an ultrasonic cleaning machine should be used.

In AIXTECNO sell quality machines to clean the EGR valve with ultrasound; tools that will surely be necessary in your workshop or automotive company.

Finally, we remember that in AIXTECNO we are strongly committed to the environment and that our R & D department has achieved maximum efficiency in each ultrasonic cleaning machine we have manufactured. Our mission is to achieve a lower negative impact on the ecosystem by maintaining the final cleaning excellence that characterizes our machines. Our energy efficiency is very close to 95% and we are currently the best option in the entire market.

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