What are our main differences compared to other companies in ultrasound equipment Cylinder heads?

Ultrasonic Cleaning for Cylinder Heads

One of the most complicated parts of the engine to clean is the number of cavities, holes and ducts it has. The most effective washing system is ultrasound, since you can reach the deepest part of the piece.

Regardless of the type of stock that is, the material with which it is made, the fuel with which it works and the time it has been running, the stock will be as good as new.

Cleaning cylinder heads with our machines achieves the best results on the market and solves the cleaning difficulties of these parts.

We are currently the best option in the market.


Our ultrasonic machines guarantee a totally neat result reaching deep into the cylinder head.

Total ultrasound washing.


The energy saving of our machines reaches 95% thanks to our constant investment in R & D.


Each cleaner is optimized to achieve the shortest times on the market, achieving greater productivity in the process.

Our catalog for cleaning a cylinder head

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Equipment 160 liters GTM-16

Equipment 160 liters GTR-16

Equipment 310 liters GTM-31

Equipment 940 liters GTM-94

Equipment 100 liters GT-FAP EDITIONS

Equipment 160 liters GT-MOTION

Equipment 160 liters GTS-16

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Before and after with ultrasonic cleaning

Cleaning of Cylinder Heads by Ultrasound

The dirt that is embedded inside the cavities, holes and ducts of the cylinder head is very difficult to clean with traditional methods. The only way to get deep into all corners is to clean cylinder heads with ultrasound machines.

In a few minutes our equipment achieves that the piece is in perfect conditions regardless of the variables that influence.

Our research in this type of washing has led us to achieve the best results in the market.