What are our main differences compared to other companies in cleaning machines for Electroplating?

Ultrasonic Cleaner for Electroplating

The processes related to Electroplating require a very specific ultrasound cleaning. The degreasing, passivation and rinsing techniques can be performed optimally with an ultrasonic cleaning machine. The benefits of this method are the saving of time and labor.

Ultrasonic cleaner for Electroplating eliminates quickly and effectively polishing pastes, grease and dirt of all kinds of plastic and metal parts.

The effectiveness of the method lies in the ability to reach all areas of difficult access, which means an improvement in the quality and the final appearance of the product.

We are currently the best option in the market.


Each ultrasonic cleaner is designed to obtain a totally neat result by cleaning all the holes and grooves of the parts.

100% ultrasonic washing.


Each ultrasonic cleaning machine for Electroplating provides energy savings reaching 95% in cleaning tasks. This supposes a considerable economic saving.


The automatic cleaning tasks represent a significant saving of time for the company that will focus its efforts on achieving better results.

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Equipment 600 liters GTM-60

Equipment 600 liters GTS-60

Custom equipment MULTI-STAGE

Equipment 420 liters GTS-42

Equipment 420 liters GTM-42

Transmitter + Generator GT-15 MOD

MULTI-STAGE equipment

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