Industrial Cleaning Machines by Ultrasound

Due to its effectiveness, industrial ultrasonic cleaning machines continue to gain ground against other more traditional systems. Its combination of advanced technology, speed and depth, make this industrial cleaning machinery a reliable system with many advantages in its application.

How do industrial ultrasonic cleaning machines work?

As an introduction, these tools are manufactured under principles that are still being perfected to improve their range of action. The high frequency waves (15 and 400 kHz) produce a mechanical energy that acts on the cleaning agent, which produces a reaction at the microscopic level that works quickly, accurately and without altering the objects.

The phenomenon that governs these advanced disinfection equipment is called cavitation. The application of sound waves produces a high and low pressure effect that in turn is combined with a powerful compression and depression effect. The micro-bubbles created on the surface sooner or later explode, cleaning any surface.

Advantages of machinery for industrial cleaning by ultrasound

One of the main benefits of this technology has to do with its wide field of application. Its use in medicine and dentistry is already widespread enough to adequately disinfect instruments or dental pieces that require an effective work that eliminates the possibility of infection.

When you need a thorough cleaning, automated or manual and that will provide the desired effects, ultrasound is an excellent solution. It is a very effective method that does not affect in any moment the integrity of the instruments, utensils or pieces, because it only acts in function of the special cleaning liquid.

The versatility of these equipment offers a safe treatment, which has no harmful effects on the environment and you get the expected results. Through the effective application of sound waves controlling their intensity and duration, you avoid a neutral film that prevents washing and reaches the deepest corners.

All kinds of companies that work with all kinds of substances that stick, become gelatinous and generate many traces of fat, can benefit from these systems for their versatility. Industrial ultrasonic cleaning machines are an innocuous method that offers you endless possibilities.

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