What are our main differences compared to other companies in ultrasonic machines for injectors?

Ultrasonic Cleaning for Injectors

To maintain or extend the good performance of the engine it is necessary to clean the injectors, since they deliver the exact fuel according to the air intake to the engine and the need for power.

The accumulation of sediment in the injectors can cause an irregular slow march and loss of power. To solve this problem it is necessary to clean the injectors completely.

Cleaning injectors with ultrasound machines is the most effective method that exists in the market today, since it allows an optimal and neat result in the shortest possible time.

We are currently the best option in the market.


Ultrasonic cleaning of the injectors guarantees a totally neat result because the penetration is really complete.

Total ultrasound washing.

Cost effectiveness

The levels of energy saving are close to 95%, which represents an important economic savings for the company.


The process of cleaning injectors with ultrasound machines is fast, since our machines are optimized to achieve greater productivity.

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Equipment 160 liters GTM-16

Equipment 160 liters GTR-16

Equipment 310 liters GTM-31

Equipment 940 liters GTM-94

Equipment of 100 liters GT-FAP EDITIONS

Equipment 160 liter GT-MOTION

Equipment 160 liter GTS-16

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Before and after with ultrasonic cleaning

Ultrasonic Cleaning for Injectors

Ultrasonic cleaning for injectors is essential for the proper functioning of the engine. The formation of sediments prevents adequate pulverization of the fuel inside the cylinder. This is the reason why it is essential to completely clean the engine injectors.

Of all the systems, cleaning an injector with ultrasound equipment is the one that provides the best results due to the effectiveness of the cleaning and the ability to introduce automatic systems.