What are our main differences compared to other companies in equipment for an Optical?

Ultrasonic Cleaner Machines for Optical

Ultrasonic cleaning is currently the most effective and productive method for cleaning delicate elements such as glasses, frames and other parts of optics.

No matter the size of the pieces, nor their delicacy, the equipment for ultrasound optics offer a neat result and with a penetration of 100%, also, always respecting the integrity of each piece.

In AIXTECNO we have a wide catalog of ultrasonic machines, from basic models for smaller needs to advanced solutions. We also offer adapted financing plans for the purchase.

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We are currently the best option in the market.


Fat, dirt, nothing escapes ultrasonic cleaning. Glasses, frames, crystals, any delicate element will be totally clean and ready to look.

Ultrasonic washing with 100% penetration.


Energy optimization in each equipment close to 95%, so that in addition to a perfect result there is also in each optics that works with our equipment, an important energy saving.


Effective ultrasound cleaning, and with energy saving, but also fast, because time is money too. We optimize each of our machines to obtain faster processes.

Our catalog for cleaning glasses and frames with Ultrasounds

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Equipment 60 liters GTL-60

Equipment 6 liters GT-BASIC 6

Equipment 5 liters GTL-5

Equipment of 15 liters GTL-15

Equipment 2 liters GT-BASIC 2

Equipment 13 liters GT-BASIC 13

Equipment 27 liters GT-BASIC 27

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