What are our main differences compared to other companies in equipment for particulate filters?

Ultrasonic cleaning for Particulate Filters

When there is a lack of power, some of the exhaust systems may be clogged by dirt. And if the engine can not expel the exhaust gases, it can not receive air internally either.

Performance or engine power is severely affected with this problem and to fix it you have to clean the DPF (Particulate Filter) or catalysts.

This, which a priori is difficult, is easy with any ultrasound cleaner in our catalog. Where the ultrasound penetrates completely through all the holes and achieves an optimal and clean wash in a short time.

We are currently the best option in the market.


The penetration is total in the DPF or catalysts, covering every millimeter of the component with a guaranteed result of 100%.

Total ultrasound washing.

Cost effectiveness

In addition, the energy saving is remarkable with our cleaning machines, we have invested a lot in R & D to achieve levels close to 95%.


It matters both the result and the productivity of the process, therefore we optimize each cleaner to achieve the shortest times in the market.

Our catalog for cleaning a Particulate Filter

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Equipment 160 liters GTM-16

Equipment 160 liters GTR-16

Equipment 310 liters GTM-31

Equipment 940 liters GTM-94

Equipment of 100 liters GT-FAP EDITIONS

Equipment 160 liter GT-MOTION

Equipment 160 liter GTS-16

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Before and after with ultrasonic cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning for Particulate Filters

In the interior of the filters accumulate particles fruit of the combustion of the engine. And although this is its main function, with the passage of time or is changed by a new one or cleaned with a system that leaves the filter as fresh from the factory.

Change a new one is an investment that in most cases can be solved with cleaning, the problem with this is that particulate filters are composed of cells made porous ceramic, which makes the complicated task. And here is where the game comes in the system of ultrasonic washing, an automatic, effective and respectful system with the integrity of the filter.