What are our main differences compared to other companies in equipment for disinfection and cleaning?

Ultrasonic Cleaner for Surgical Instruments

Disinfecting and cleaning delicate medical elements such as Surgical Instruments is a delicate task, on the one hand maximum effectiveness is needed but on the other hand, also the assurance that no component or any part will ever be damaged.

Ultrasonic washing in this field is the most appropriate, because it guarantees neatness and sterilization of the material. With total penetration, ultrasound cleaning reaches any gap, any groove or nook, regardless of the difficulty of access.

The main advantage besides the result, is safety, in the manual cleaning runs the risk of damaging the Surgical Material creating unintentionally cuts or small punctures, with our machines by ultrasound this does not happen.

Improvement of productivity, automated system that allows that while the washing is done, the medical professional occupies his times in other tasks of importance.

We are currently the best option in the market.


Total penetration before any recess and groove of the Instrumental, neat results but with total security before the integrity of the pieces.

100% ultrasonic washing.


Economical savings for the Medical Center by having equipment optimized by us to achieve levels close to 95% in energy savings.


Saving time of the Medical Staff by having equipment optimized by us to offer short and productive cleaning times.

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