Ultrasound Generator: Thorough Cleaning

An adequate cleaning of tools, utensils or products is a fundamental step for a number of activities. Both in the automotive sector, as in the industrial, food, dental, jewelry, watchmaking, optical, tattoo and piercing shops, among others, they require an effective system to properly clean instruments, parts or utensils without it is expensive, with environmental impact or the process affects the object. To achieve these benefits, which previously seemed impossible to obtain in the same process, the advance of technology has used ultrasound to obtain the perfect cleaning.

A delicate and constant vibration.

Removing dirt and impurities from the most difficult places and objects, without damaging them during the process, is one of the best advantages of ultrasound. The machines that provide this technique make vibrate, by means of ultrasound, the particles of the detergent liquids where the objects to be cleaned are submerged, and in a short time that delicate and constant movement of the particles result in a surface free of all undesirable material. This ultrasonic generator, made with the most effective Spanish engineering, the best and most durable materials and a respectful design of the environment, is the best solution and the best ally for your company.

The power of Ultrasound

If you have a mechanical workshop you can see how a dirty piece in a short time takes a shiny appearance, just outside the factory, well worth the investment you will get an efficient process and a satisfied customer. The same will happen if you have a jewelery shop, a watchmaker’s shop or an optician’s shop; fat, soot and dirt will surrender to the power of ultrasound.

Ultrasound generates confidence.

Sometimes cleaning is something more than a matter of aesthetics and therefore requires extreme care in this regard. In a restaurant, in a laboratory or dental clinic, or in a piercing or tattoo shop, the cleaning of utensils and tools is a health issue, so the use of ultrasound will provide the necessary security. In these cases we recommend that you disclose as part of the promotion of your company that you have an ultrasonic generator for cleaning and hygiene.

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