Ultrasound Machine: The greenest cleaning

Among the technological innovations one of the biggest concerns is the care of the environment. This is demonstrated by the ultrasound machine designed especially to eliminate the most resistant dirt on any type of surface. This is not a new concept, since it appeared for the first time in the 50s and, today, it continues to be perfected.

What is an ultrasound machine?

An ultrasound machine is a bucket of various sizes, whose dimensions are measured in liters. A liquid is inserted inside the tank, with which the different objects will be cleaned. This product is usually a specific aqueous solution and adapted to the material to which the dirt is to be removed.

The operation of an ultrasound machine is very simple. The right container is chosen for the object that is dirty and the bucket is filled with detergent, always carefully measuring the space that must be left, so that when the object is submerged the solution will not spill and waste.

Once this is done, the ultrasound machine will begin to vibrate at a frequency above a standard 60hz electricity. That is to say, that this machine is capable of working in ranges of between 20 and 80kHz of sound, which allows a deeper and more effective cleaning. This ultrasonic energy comes into contact with the liquid, forming bubbles through what is known as cavitation.

Advantages of the ultrasonic machine:

One of its greatest advantages is that it protects people from having to be in contact with substances that can be dangerous to health. Also, this cleaning method is:

1 – Ecologic

Ultrasounds have the great ability to save a lot of energy, since they do not need much time to do their job. This is a great advantage for the environment, because the toxic emissions are considerably reduced without, therefore, influencing its final quality.

2 – Saving

Ultrasonic cleaning is as effective as it is quick. This translates into greater energy savings. While other systems need even up to days to finish with a certain type of dirt, ultrasounds have the ability to do it in much less time, thus reducing electricity consumption.

On the other hand, and contrary to what many people think, ultrasound machines do not have a high price. In addition, the saving in energy costs allows you to quickly amortize your investment.

3 – Maximum efficiency

While other machines not only take more time, but also fail to finish with dirt completely, the ultrasonic cleaning system is the most effective known.

The ultrasonic machine is perfect for cleaning small parts, cables, glass objects, aluminum, plastic, etc. For this reason, this is the most widely used system in sectors such as automotive, engineering, the nautical sector, medicine …

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