What are our main differences compared to other companies in veterinary instrument cleaning?

Ultrasonic Cleaner Machines for Veterinary

The Veterinary Instrument is delicate and requires a washing system that is effective and safe, the ultrasound solves this and offers a complete response to the needs of any Veterinary Clinic.

As with medical instruments, our machines have a total penetration in difficult recesses and holes where other means do not arrive, in addition to sterilizing each element to be used.

We also offer basic equipment, suitable for Veterinarians of any size, and a guarantee and after-sales service to match our years of experience in the sector.

We are currently the best option in the market.


Safety and effectiveness, the process does not damage any component of the instruments, and also offers a total penetration in cleaning, achieving impeccable results.

100% ultrasonic washing.


The equipment is optimized by our engineers to obtain an energy efficiency close to 95%, this translates into a constant saving for the Veterinary Clinic before other cleaning methods.


Our R & D team also pursues the maximum possible productivity for the company, so that the machines in our catalog are optimized at the same time to give a quick response in the washing process.

Our catalog for Veterinary Instruments

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Equipment 2 liters GT-BASIC 2

Equipment 27 liters GT-BASIC 27

Equipment 15 liters GTL-15

Equipment 6 liters GT-BASIC 6

Equipment 5 liters GTL-5

Equipment 13 liters GT-BASIC 13

Equipment 60 liters GTL-60

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