What are our main differences compared to other companies in cleaning watches and small pieces?

Ultrasonic Watch Cleaning Machine

If there are delicate pieces are those used in watches, sensitive and very small pieces that require an effective but also safe cleaning process.

This is where ultrasonic cleaning is ideal, it is precise, it offers totally neat results and it also keeps the integrity of each piece and each watch in perfect condition.

More quality, with less investment and in less time. Our range of equipment ranges from basic machines to more complex solutions, and for all of them we have customized financing options.

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We are currently the best option in the market.


The penetration of the cleaners into pieces as small as those used in a watch is essential in the process, our machines guarantee a totally neat result without risks.

100% ultrasonic washing.


We also think about the economic savings for watchmaking, and for that we optimized each of our equipment to achieve an energy saving close to 95%.


Shorter cleaning times, this is also a premise of our optimization in each machine. We pursue and offer optimal results, with energy savings and also with time savings.

Our catalog for cleaning watches and parts with Ultrasounds

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Equipment 27 liters GT-BASIC 27

Equipment 6 liters GT-BASIC 6

Equipment 60 liters GTL-60

Equipment 2 liters GT-BASIC 2

Equipment 15 liters GTL-15

Equipment 13 liters GT-BASIC 13

Equipment 5 liters GTL-5

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